Free-Standing Aerial Apparatus

~A series of Signature atmosphere apparatus created by Resonance Productions​.~

Unique event entertainment that brings a cirque atmosphere with aerial acrobats, hand balancers,

and contortionists performing on unique free-standing apparatus.

The Spyrical is a beautiful aerial hoop sculpture, showcasing flexibility and aerial acrobatics.

This apparatus stands 13 feet tall

Light up your night with the LED Tree. The LED Tree is a unique structure displaying aerial hand balance and acrobatics.  

This apparatus with the acrobat is 14 feet tall.

 Elevate your beverage service with drinks served at new heights! The Bartending Hoop is a new way to serve drinks above the crowd.

This structure has two height options of 8 feet or 10 feet.

A one of a kind Color-Changing Crystal Martini Glass with a beautifully mesmerizing contortionist. The Crystal Martini can change colors throughout the performance or keep a specific color for your event. 

Las Vegas~San Francisco~Russia


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